Designed as the ultimate IAD ion source for PVD processes in small chambers with minimal pumping speed

Designed for installation to chambers with very small pumping speed – as low as 200 litres per second

  • Requires only 3 sccm of gas flow to produce 1 amp of beam current.
  • Can be completely mounted from one 63 CF flange
  • Small physical size – head measures only 50mm diameter
  • Produces up to 200μA/cm2 at a work distance of 150mm
  • Very low maintenance – supplied with Patented TiN coated anode for ease of cleaning and stable operation
  • Dual gas option available – oxygen or argon available by Touch Screen selection.
  • Bakeable to 300ºC

Optional Features Available

Dual Gas DG. This feature provides use of either pure gas delivery or a mixture of two gases in any ratio. Refer System Specification for detail.
Mounting Hardware MH. Several options are available. The mounting brackets are clamped to a special gas feed-through. Refer System Specification for detail
Beam Profile Enhancer.

The standard wide angle beam distribution can be modified to deliver a considerably narrower beam profile with no degradation of ion generating performance.

Refer System Specification for detail.