The SainTech Ion Beam Systems have been specially developed to provide an extremely reliable and maintenance-free facility for many applications in physical vapour deposition processes. The compact design and rugged construction allows easy installation to both new and existing vacuum deposition systems.


  • Low-Pressure IAD
  • Ion Beam power to 3.0 kilowatts
  • Ion Beam currents to 15 amps
  • Full-time use of high purity oxygen
  • Pulsed IAD standard to all models

Optional Features Available

  • Dual Filament – Electronic system detects filament failure and auto switches to second filament. (Available on models ST55 and ST3000 only).
  • Dual Gas – This feature provides use of either pure gas delivery or a mixture of two gases in any ratio. Refer System Specification for detail.
  • Mounting Hardware MH – Several options are available. The mounting brackets are clamped to a special gas feed-through. Flange mounting is available for most models. Refer System Specification for detail.