The SainTech ST55 Ion System has been specially developed to provide a cost effective solution for ion-based vacuum processes for medium to large sized deposition systems. The ST55 provides an extremely reliable and maintenance-free facility for many applications in PVD processes. The compact design and rugged construction allows easy installation to both new and existing vacuum deposition systems.

ST55 Features:

  • Ion beam energies up to 230eV
  • Ion Beam power to 1.5 kilowatts
  • Ion Beam currents to 7 amps
  • Full-time use of high purity oxygen
  • Special Coiled Filaments provide lifetimes up to 12 hours in pure oxygen

Optional Features Available

Dual Filament DF. Electronic system detects filament failure and auto switches to second filament. Refer System Specifications for detail
Dual Gas DG. This feature provides use of either pure gas delivery or a mixture of two gases in any ratio. Refer System Specification for detail.
Mounting Hardware MH. Several options are available. The mounting brackets are clamped to a special gas feed-through. Refer System Specification for detail.